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Wills & Probate

A Will is a document giving instructions as to how your estate is to be divided on your death. It is important for every person to make a Will as, without one, the law will determine who is entitled to your estate. We have many years of experience and knowledge in this area and can assist to ensure that your wishes and intentions are set out clearly and in the correct legal format.

In addition to making a Will is it important to discuss with your Solicitor the extent of your Estate because of Capital Acquisitions Tax (Inheritance tax), in particular when the estate is very large but also when the beneficiaries of your Estate will not be your children. We are qualified to discuss all aspects of Capital Acquisitions Tax and all reliefs available to our clients.

Beyond the matter of Wills, we offer an excellent service with respect to dealing with the administration of estates and obtaining Grants of Probate or Administration. We offer extensive tax advise with respect to an estate and uncover any potential exposures to capital acquisitions tax, probate tax and discretionary trust tax.

We can advise either the Executor or next of kin through each stage of the process in administering an estate in a simple step-to-step plan. We appreciate this can be a very difficult time for our clients and have always tried to keep this in mind. We prepare and deal with all of the documents necessary and take on as much of the workload as possible. This process can often be delayed due to its complicated nature however at all stages, we keep our client informed of all developments.